TGD Interview # 10 - Dan Rodrigues

Dan Rodrigues and Steve chat about his time as a audio composer for advertisements, television, and video games. 

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Podcast Episode 98 - The New Canadian GameDevs, Raptors-Spurs Trade, Assassin's Creed Origins

Bret and I are back. We'll be chatting every other week and this week we talked about the Raptors-Spurs trade, the new Canadian GameDevs, gushed over Guacamelee! 2, and Bret gave his thoughts on Assassins Creed Origins.

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TGD Interview # 9 - Mark Laframboise and Steven Smith of Lightning Rod Games

This week I chat with Mark Laframboise and Steven Smith, two of the creatives minds behind A Fold Apart which is an upcoming puzzle game with a story around long-distance relationships. You can check it out below, remember to subscribe on iTunes and Google Play!.

A Fold Apart is also up on Fig right now for crowd funding, so check it out as $20 USD will get you a copy of the game plus in game credits. They are also doing an AMA on /r/truegaming which you can check out.

TGD Interview # 8 - Galal Hassan

We're back! This time talking to indie developer Galal Hassan from Pixel Crushers. The studio has been pressing along right now working on ARia's Legacy, which is a AR escape room game coming next year. They were just at E3 and I spoke to him about his upcoming game, and his time at E3 as an indie gamer. He was also kind enough to provide some photos!

As mentioned on the interview, you can go to ARia's Legacy's website to sign up for a chance to play the game.