Interview - Social Media Marketer Corina Diaz

Are you interested in becoming a social media marketer? What about running a marketing campaign for your indie game on a low-to-zero budget? Corina Diaz is here to answer all those questions and more as we discuss indie games, and marketing around them.

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TorontoGameDevs Interview Recap

Hey! So we've done six interviews so far and I wanted to make sure you didn't miss any - here they are!

  • Jason Canam after releasing Way of the Passive Fist on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.
  • Twitch Streamer SteelRain27 on his history as a streamer, and thoughts on recent game releases.
  • Dan Stopnicki on the release of Skies of Fury DX on Switch.
  • Jean and Blair Leggett from One More Story Games discusses their successes with creating narrative focused games.
  • Voice Actress Felicia Valenti on his history as a singer and voice actress.
  • Indie developer Benjamin Rivers on his games Home, Alone With You, and his next game.

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Interview -Indie Game Dev Benjamin Rivers

This week on our weekly interview show, I chilled out with Benjamin Rivers. An indie developer here in Toronto, Ben has released Home on PlayStation 4, Vita, iOS, and Steam, as well as Alone With You on PlayStation 4, Vita, and Steam. He is also a teacher, illustrator, and Twitch streamer.

We talked about his history as a gamer, and then game developer, as well as his two releases and teases for his next game. Remember to subscribe on iTunes and Google Play!

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Interview - Voice Actress Felicia Valenti

Interview number five! This week I sat down with voice actress and singer Felicia Valenti, who has done voice work for anime, tv shows, and video games. We go over her history as a opera singer, a gamer, her tips for becoming a voice actress/actor and rant a little bit at the end as well. It's good times. You can check out her work here, and follow her on Twitter here.

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Interview - Creating Narrative Story-Based Games With One More Story Games

In the midst of Ice Storm 2018, Steve sat down with Blair and Jean Leggett from One More Story Games on their individual history's, starting a studio focused on story-based games, the games they've created and what's in store for the future. 

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Interview - Skies of Fury DX Developer

Skies of Fury DX is coming out to Switch this week on April 12th, and I was fortunate to site down with Dan Stopnicki, the Chief Innovation Officer at Seed Interactive. In the talk we go over Dan's history as a game developer, talk about Seed Innovation's previous games on mobile, then we go in depth about their first console experience: Skies of Fury DX.

What's it like from going from mobile to Switch? What did they go with Switch, and Skies of Fury? All that a more! Check it out below!

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Interview - Twitch Streamer SteelRain27

This week I interviewed Toronto Twitch streamer SteelRain27 where we discussed his past, how he got into Twitch streaming, and his thoughts on the state of gaming, specifically what he thinks on Sea of Thieves, and much more.

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Interview - Jason Canam From Household Games

Our first audio-interview! We've put the podcast on hold for he time being, and instead we'll be doing interview with local developers/people. Bret and I have a few ideas on hand as well.

First up is Jason Canam from Household Games who just recently released Way of the Passive Fist on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Jason and I chat about his time at Drinkbox Studios, starting Household Games, accessibility in games, trophies/achievements and more!

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The Game Music Podcast Interviews Composer Behind Guacamelee!

Our friend Jake Butineau (who recently launched a Patron by the way) interviewed Peter Chapman, who amongst other things, was the composer behind Guacamelee and Sound Shapes.

"Peter and Jake get excited for Guacamelee! 2 by talking about composing Guacamelee's soundtrack, retro games and the struggle of finding time to game while working as a full-time composer."

You can check out the full podcast on Youtube (and below).