Horrible Unicorn Game Studio Talks About New Perspective For Legacy of the Copper Skies

Hot off the heals of a successful Square Enix Collective campaign, the developer out of Kitchener Ontario made the decision to change the players perspective of the battlefield.

"As we reviewed all the feedback we’d received from the voters and fans, a change in perspective seemed to make sense. Though we are certainly inspired by the great pixel-art adventure games that have come before us, there is so much new and different about Legacy of the Copper Skies that helps it stand out from what’s come before that we felt comfortable going with a traditional view."

Here is a screenshot of the old perspective:

And here are some screenshots of the new top-down perspective:

You can read all about the change in design over at the Horrible Unicorn Game Studios blog page.  Make sure to also give the developer a follow on Twitter to keep up to date on the game.