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Games With Friends #82 - Bento Miso

Bento Miso will be hosting their popular Games With Friends event Monday June 15th at 862 Richmond Street West, Suite 100.  Developer Cococucumber will be there to show off Planet of the Eyes.

"We play local multiplayer games, indie games, card games, boardgames, tabletop games in any state: rough, ready and released. Games with Friends is always free and open to the public. Bring whatever you want to play—and friends to play with—and we’ll supply the consoles (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Ouya), laptops (Mac and Windows), wired gamepads (Xbox and SNES-style), projectors, TVs, tables, chairs, couches and pizza! Playtesting your own in-development games is welcome and encouraged. Let us know if you’re bringing along something special and we’ll get the word out."