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Dames Making Games - June Speakers Social

Dames Making Games has a monthly speaker social. Located at Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace (862 Richmond Street West).

"Merritt Kopas

Minkomora is a free-exploration game that emphasizes discovering the world at the player’s own pace. Hear about the Exquisite Corpse–like process merritt and Joni Kittaka employed to develop the the game and manual, and how it can be modeled for other game collaborations.

Gabriela Aveiro

Gabriela is a co-founder of Pytyvo Gaming, a group dedicated to talking about cultural and ethnic representation in videogames. She’ll be talking about the organization, her work in games, and Pytyvo’s upcoming first event, Quick Draw!"

Make sure to check out the Dames Making Games site for full details, and make sure to follow them on Twitter.