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Dames Making Games - August Speakers Social

Dames Making Games is having their monthly speakers social. This month will be: 

"Agnès Roche is a producer, project manager and consultant who has worked on projects at Riot Games, Mikros Image, Ubisoft and more." 

"Yifat Shaik is an artist and game designer currently working on Real Army Simulator."

"Our monthly member meeting and social—open to everyone—aims to showcase the work of women, trans and queer folks involved with games in a wide variety of roles. Designers, developers, artists, critics, fans, writers, people new to games and seasoned pros are all welcome and have shared the mic at DMG. It’s also a platform for participants to find encouragement, resources and a venue for speaking about their work in a supportive and productive environment."

The event is free and for full details make sure to check out the Dames Making Games website.