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Hamilton - GameDev Drinks - Phesant Plucker

GameDev Drinks continues their monthly tradition of have a developer present their company and game. This month features Phantom Compass, the developers behind Rollers of the Realm.

Join us at the Phesant Plucker to listen to September's keynote speaker Ericka Evans and the team from Phantom Compass (based out of St.Cathrines) talk about their origins, and how Rollers of the Realm came to life. Afterwards enjoy some drinks, chat with Ericka Evans and her team, network with other local devs, and get a hands on experience with Rollers of the Realm only at GameDevDrinks.

The Pheasant Plucker

20 Augusta Street

Hamilton, ON L8N 1P7

You can get your tickets for free here. Make sure to follow GameDev Drinks on Twitter for the latest news regarding the event.