Podcast Episode 101 - Is Anthem Dead On Arrival?

Bret and I discuss whether Anthem is a few years too late, Bret gives his feelings on VR games, and we chat recent releases and the games we’ve been playing.

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Spoilercast - Guacamelee! 2

Spoilercast! We got a new show for CanadianGameDevs.com where we'll play a game and just discuss it on end. It'll be sort of a review/spoilercast type of show.

First up is Guacamelee! 2 from DrinkBox Studios. This sequel to the 2013 indie hit dropped on PS4 and Steam last week so Bret, and I were joined by developer from the first game turned fan Jason Canam to discuss everything we liked (a lot of things) and disliked (not that many things) about DrinkBox's new game.

Podcast Episode 100 - Let's Celebrate!

Tyler Hodgkinson joins Bret and I to celebrate Episode 100. We talk about Assassins' Creed Odyssey, Hollow Knight, Mario Tennis, and more.

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Canadian GameDevs Interview #11 - Sebastian Scaini

Sebastian Scaini is a Toronto gamedev student going into his third year at Sheridan College. He's also been in countless Game Jams, and have posted countless games on his website: www.sebastianscaini.com/

Steve and Sebastian talk about growing up as a gamer, the games he's been playing, and philosophy on game design. You can follow Sebastian on Twitter: twitter.com/sebastianscaini