Interview - Creating Narrative Story-Based Games With One More Story Games

In the midst of Ice Storm 2018, Steve sat down with Blair and Jean Leggett from One More Story Games on their individual history's, starting a studio focused on story-based games, the games they've created and what's in store for the future. 

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One More Story Announces Voice Actress For Shakespeare's Landlord

One More Story Games announced the voice of Lily Bard in their upcoming game Shakespeare's Landlord will be Julia Gibson, who does the voice for the Shakespeare series audio books.

Shakespeare's Landlord is the latest story game, based on the Charlaine Harris series of the same name, and came in third in our Most Anticipated category as voted by the fans - so make sure to keep an eye on their Twitter to see all the updates!

Get A First Look At Fossil Hunters From Reptoid Games

Indie developer Reptoid Games released a first-look video of their upcoming game Fossil Hunters, which actually won Ubisoft's Indie Series funding earlier this year.

Fossil Hunters is an action-adventure game in which you dig deep into a mysterious underground world to uncover fossils and match them together in countless combinations. Uncover never before seen creatures and survive this exciting realm as new friends and rivals compete to get hold of your discoveries. Will you sell your fossils for cash? Or will you donate them to research, push the boundaries of scientific discovery and become the world’s greatest Fossil Hunter?

No release date yet for Fossil Hunters, but you can keep up to date on the game by following them on FaceBook and Twitter. 2nd Annual Game Of The Year Voting - Results!!

Well, it was a solid 2016, and there were a lot of great games that were created in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Just like last year, supporters and fans of local content took part in the 2nd Annual Game of the Year voting, and here are the results!

10) Maize - Finish Line Games

9) Kapsul Infinite - Luke O'Connor

8) Far Cry Primal - Ubisoft Toronto

7) Alone With You -  Benjamin Rivers

6) Watch Dogs 2 - Ubisoft Toronto

5) Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander - Massive Damage Inc

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander had a huge Kickstarter. After a successful funding thank to Square Enix Collective, the game came out in Early Access, followed by a full release later in the year. The developers are still updating the game, so make sure you head over to Steam to pick it up.


4) Runbow: Satura's Space Adventure - 13AM Games

Back-to-back Years of placing 4th in voting, 13AM Games released a healthy chunk of DLC for its party platformer. Satura's Space Adventure gives players more single, and multiplayer content - while also releasing the game on Steam, and 3DS.


3) Severed - DrinkBox Studios

The first-person hack-n-slash found eventual homes on 3DS, iOS, and Wii U, but it was made from the ground up for the little Sony portable that could. Probably one of the last "exclusive" Vita games, Severed has you playing as a daughter trying to find out what happened to her family. Now I'll be praying for a Guacamelee 2.


2) Hard Vacuum Lullaby - One More Story Games

Friends of the site, One More Story Games claims our top two spots in this years Game of the Year voting, first with Hard Vacuum Lullaby. "After a savage battle in deep space, the 2nd Yagoshan Expeditionary Fleet Battlecruiser #6 retreats to the orbit of a gas giant with other damaged vessels to undergo repairs by the fleets logistics and repair corvettes."


1) Mandatory Upgrade X Marks The Spot - One More Story Games

Joining the ranks of N++, this years winner is Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks The Spot from One More Story Games. The story based game was written by Chris Tihor from Ironic Iconic Studios, and tells the tale of Special Agent Rachel Varley who has to investigate the death of a runaway cybernetic exosuit on her first day back to work. You can pick it up here for $3.99, which includes a demo as well.


Thanks to everyone for voting, and congratulations to everyone who released a game in 2016. Onwards to 2017!

One More Story Games Releases Danielle's Inferno

One More Story Games, released another story game for their Story Stylus platform late last year. Danielle's Inferno, which is based on the short store by Olivia Rivard of the same name, tells the tale of an ordinary woman who goes through the nine circles of hell:

Her tour guide through this out-of-body journey is sarcastic Siamese cat Pudding. Pudding manages to turn Hell into a hilarious ride while having all of the aloofness of a typical cat.

You can pick up Danielle's Inferno on the One More Store Games website for $6.66 CAD. Make sure to also follow the team on Twitter!

2nd Annual Game of the Year Voting!

Poll Closed! Results are in!

Last year, N++ won the Game of the Year voting. Who will be the winner this year? Vote below, and in the new year I'll post the winners!

Only one vote per person, but you can vote for as many games as you want. If I missed any there is a Write In feature at the bottom, or let me know on Twitter

Note: Ports didn't count (sorry Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and N++), but DLC, and extra episodes do. Feel free to use the search on the right hand side to find out more about that game.

One More Story Presents: Attack Of The Killer Zombie Cats

Barrie developer One More Story Games is helping us get into Halloween mood with releasing 'Attack of the Killer Zombie Cats' as part of their Story Stylus, a program that helps authors bring their creations to digital life.

Battle to save Earth from the Killer Zombie Cats. Everyone has disappeared except you, Donald Trump aka Trumpy Cat, and his evil horde of zombie cats who have been poisoned! Can you save the world by defeating evil?

The game is actually written by 11 year old Keira Palmer, but make sure to follow One More Story Game on Twitter, and check out the rest of their catalog on their main website.

Happy Canada Day! Toronto Games Released This Year

I figured I would take this Canada Day (and half-way point of the year) to celebrate the Toronto developed games that have been released so far. They are in no particular order and I've tried to link to a page to buy them. If I'm missing one, make sure to let me know on Twitter.

Runbow: Satura's Space Adventure! from 13AM Games

Cally’s Caves 3 from VDOGames

Kapsul Infinite from Luke O'Connor

Hard Vacuum Lullaby from One More Story Games

Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress from Bluish-Green Productions and Throw Away Games

Robo's World: The Darnok Fortress came out on steam earlier this year and was available to patreon's

Robo's World: The Darnok Fortress came out on steam earlier this year and was available to patreon's

We Are Doomed was a perfect fit on PlayStation Vita

We Are Doomed was a perfect fit on PlayStation Vita

pitfall planet won level up in 2015

pitfall planet won level up in 2015

Fantasy Tales Online from Cold Tea Studio

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames from Allied Games

AlphaPit from Shane McCafferty

Frank The Spider from Yahman Games

Congrats to all the developers on releasing their games, here's to a great back half of 2016. Happy Canada Day!

One More Story Games Announces They Are Working With #1 NYT Bestselling Author Charlaine Harris

Barrie developer One More Story Games made the announcement last week that they are working with New York Times Bestselling Author Charlaine Harris in creating an interactive story game based on her work.  Shakespeare’s Landlord will be adapted for One More Story Games' StoryStylus software, and is planned to be available for FaceBook, mobile, and web platforms next year.

Shakespeare’s Landlord is the first novel in a five-part series featuring Lily Bard, a tough and complicated woman who is determined to hide her nightmarish past from her small town neighbors. After stumbling across a body being dumped in a park late at night, Lily embarks on a journey to find the killer, as well as the reason they’re trying to frame her for the murder.

You can follow along the game by joining the mailing list on the official website, as well as sign up to be an early tester. Make sure to also follow One More Story Games on Twitter, as well as Charlaine Harris.