Super Animal Royale Hitting Early Access December 12th - Beta Details Included

Super Animal Royale will be hitting Early Access on Steam December 12th. Before that though, British Columbia developer Pixile will be having a few stress tests:

Sat Dec 1st: North America server 12 noon — 9:30pm PST! Click here to see the time in your location.

Sun Dec 2nd: Asia server 2pm — 7pm Singapore time! Click here to see the time in your location.

The final beta test weekend will take place the weekend before launch: December 8th and 9th.

If you’re interested in a Beta Key for Super Animal Royale, Pixile is inviting people to their Discord channel to request one (and make sure to join the CanadianGameDevs Discord channel for unrelated-fun reasons!)

If you’re unfamiliar with Super Animal Royale, it’s a top-down multiplayer survival shooter for sixtyfour players.

“Engineered to charm and trained to kill, Super Animals are cute enough to make you go “Aww” and deadly enough to make you go “Ahhhh!” Select your favorite from a menu of foxes, pandas, kitty cats, and other bloodthirsty beasts. Parachute into the ruins of an ill-fated safari park and fight off a lethal barrage of bullets, explosives, and silly dancing. Enjoy carefully balanced run and gun gameplay combined with an intuitive fog of war system that restricts a player’s view to line of sight, allowing for sneaky, strategic play. Explore a beautiful 2D world, inspired by classic top-down adventure games. Cut tall grass and loot abandoned structures in search of the guns, explosives and health juice you’ll need to reach the top of the food chain.”

You can add the game to your wishlist on Steam right here.

Towerfall Out Now On Switch

Towerfall, the multiplayer game from Montreal developer Matt Thorson has launched on Nintendo Switch. Originally released on Ouya in 2013, Towerfall has been ported to many systems since and enjoys a few extras in the Switch version. You can pick it up right here.

Capcom Vancouver Closes Its Doors

Sad news today as Capcom have announced that they have shut down their Vancouver office, who have previously worked on the Dead Rising games since the second one back in 2010.

From the Vancouver Sun: “Capcom has been focused on increasing the efficiency and growth of its game development operations. To support this objective, new R&D facilities and annual hiring have been underway at the Osaka headquarters,” Capcom said in a statement.

“In consideration of this process, as a result of reviewing titles in development at Capcom Vancouver, Capcom has decided to cancel the development projects at this studio and will concentrate development of major titles in Japan.

“As part of this overall direction, the Capcom Vancouver studio will suspend operations, effective today, so the current staff will be laid off and the office will be closed.”

Company spokesperson Alicia Kim says multiple game titles have been cancelled, but Capcom still owns the Dead Rising brand.

“We appreciate the hard work and contributions of all the studio team members in creating unforgettable gameplay experiences for the Dead Rising series and Puzzle Fighter,” Kim said in a emailed statement.

We wish everyone the best affected by the layoffs.

Super Animal Royale Enters Alpha - Gets A New Trailer

Pixile Studios over in Vancouver have released a trailer for their battle royale game Aniaml Royale. The game takes a cute but deadly spin on the battle royale formula, making it a top-down 64-player winner-takes-all where you’ll play as cute adorable animals. You can check out the trailer and screenshots below.

The game is in closed alpha right now , but if you head over to the official site you can join their Discord and sign up to get into the alpha, and eventual beta.

Party Game 'Guilt Battle Arena' Gets Updated With New Modes

Fun side note! This is the first non-Toronto (or Ontario) game we've written about since becoming

Vancouver based studio Invincible Cat updated their party-based shooter Guilt Battle Arena to 3.0. With the free update comes six new game modes, four modifiers, and sixteen costumes. You can check out the trailer below, and press release for all the details. Guilt Battle Arena is out now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Free Update to Frantic One-Bullet Gunfight Party Game Guilt Battle Arena

Version 3.0 Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

VANCOUVER – August 2, 2018 – Guilt Battle Arena, the frantic one-bullet gunfight party game with local multiplayer for up to four people from publisher Forward XP and developer Invincible Cat, today receives version 3.0 as a free update to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

In this hyper-cute couch-competitive game, each player has a gun with only one bullet. After firing it, the only way to get it back is to go pick it up, dodging shots all the while. Guilt Battle Arena’s two-button controls make it accessible for anyone, and its heart-thumping action guarantees nonstop fun.

Guilt Battle Arena returns with six new game modes in version 3.0, bringing the total to 13 and offering twice the content for solo play and local multiplayer. Fight through a gauntlet in Cup mode – alone or with three friends – and try to unlock all the medals. Add insult to injury in Heart Stealer mode by taking enemies’ hearts to heal when they’re defeated. Battle alongside a pet in Alien Pet mode, where one character’s gun is swapped with a damage-dealing creature.

Each match in Guilt Battle Arena brings even more shenanigans thanks to four new modifiers – Short Range, Low Gravity, Fast Bullet, and Shoot Behind – bringing the total to 10! Combine multiple modifiers to shake up matches and add flair to kills. Use Low Gravity with Trampoline to simulate fighting in space! Take customization even further with up to 79 insanely adorable costumes for the cartoonish characters.

Those who want to take a breather from competition can set out to defeat the Dreadful Judge and his minions by unlocking levels in Horde mode. Up to two players battle increasingly chaotic streams of enemies to beat your high score and earn bragging rights.

"Guilt Battle Arena is a true learning experience for me, and I’ve loved hearing what people have to say about it," said Tim Verrouil, sole developer at Invincible Cat. "By implementing that feedback, I’ve made this new version into something I can’t wait to show everyone."

Guilt Battle Arena is available in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese on the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, Microsoft Store, and Steam for $9.99 USD. Version 3 releases as a free update for those who already own the game on August 2.

To learn more, please visit Invincible Cat’s official site, or follow the game on Twitter andFacebook.


Streaming Trailer

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About Invincible Cat

Invincible Cat is the alias of Tim Verrouil. He began developing Guilt Battle Arena in 2012 as a hobbyist prototype, working on it in Lyon, France, and Vancouver, Canada, sometimes on a laptop on the bus. After his prototype gained support and enthusiasm from Vancouver’s indie community, Tim started production in 2015 and founded Invincible Cat in 2016.

To learn more about Invincible Cat, please visit the studio’s official website.