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Breakfall Bringing Pizza Titan Ultra To PS4 Next Month

The Ottawa developer Breakfall who released Pizza Titan Ultra on PC earlier this year will now be giving PlayStation players their chance at the pizza delivering robot action game.  Can check out the trailer and a blurb from the PlayStation Blog below.

"This is how you “run a restaurant.”

It’s highly customizable with tons of rad looking parts, so you build your own sweet pizza delivering machine! You move through a destructible city, generally trying not to make too much of a mess. But you can basically destroy the entire city. As you run between delivery locations, you get more money and more time for each delivery. Always racing the clock and always delivering pizzas, story missions then add additional objectives."

The game is up for pre-order right now which gives you a 20% discount, as well as a copy of the studios previous game: Starwahl. Pre-order link is right here, and the game will release August 21st.

Alto's Odyssey Discounted On iOS

Snowman's infinite runner Alto's Odyssey is currently on sale on the iOS store right now. The game is enjoying a 60% discount which is normally $4.99 USD but is $1.99 USD for the next little bit.

Graceful Explosion Machine Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Graceful Explosion Machine launched one year ago on Nintendo Switch, and developer Vertex Pop is celebrating the anniversary with a sale. Mobeen Fikree discussed the early days of GEM:

"I began prototyping Graceful Explosion Machine in mid-2015. The initial spark was creating a shoot-em-up with multiple weapons that the player could switch between effortlessly. It started with two weapons, but pretty soon I thought “Wait, why stop at two?!” With four face buttons on a controller, wouldn’t four weapons work? It did, and everything else grew from there."

The game is currently on a 50% sale on the eshop, but if you're Switch-less the game is out on PC, PS4. In the same post, Mobeen Firkee mentioned the game sold just under 50000 copies on the Switch. We also know what's next up from the developer:

"Speaking of which! We are definitely working on a new game, and we’re excited to share it with you… but not just yet. For now, let’s state the obvious: it’s an action game, it’s colourful, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019"

Far Cry 5 Gaming Headset Announced

With the release of Far Cry 5, it's time for swag! Thrustmaster Canada announced two new gaming headsets with Far Cry 5 styles, specifically designed for the games coop mode.

You can check out the full press release below, and check them out at the Thrustmaster booth #19085 at PAX.




Montreal, March 26, 2018 — Thrustmaster is channeling its expertise in gaming headsets into the launch of Far Cry 5 with the release of two multiplatform models, the Y-350CPX and Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Editions, allowing co-op teams to completely immerse themselves into the awe-inspiring sonic universe of Eden’s Gate.  Both units are available now for $99.99 and $59.99 respectively for PS4™, Xbox One® and PC.

Limited Far Cry 5 Editions

As part of one of 2018’s biggest video game releases and providing Far Cry teams with an edge in co-op play, Thrustmaster is launching two limited-edition Far Cry 5 headsets. Using these headsets, gamers can experience all the intense action taking place in Hope County, Montana – where a fanatical doomsday cult, Eden’s Gate, reigns through terror and violence.

Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered Far Cry 5 Edition

With the Y-350CPX 7.1 Powered Far Cry 5 Edition, Thrustmaster offers a high-end headset with unmatched performance sporting the distinctive colors and look of Far Cry 5. The Y-350CPX provides high-resolution audio with perfect reproduction of bass frequencies for optimal reproduction of in-game explosions, balanced mids for stable transmission of other players’ voices, and unsaturated treble for crystal-clear sounds of incoming fire.

With co-op play a primary component of Far Cry 5, the Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition will be the “go-to” choice for that mode thanks to an impressive range of features:

  • High-performance microphone: unidirectional, detachable and adjustable. Designed to only target the player’s voice for the most effective communication with teammates, and the least amount of interference.
  • Y Sound Commander unit for customizable control of the integrated 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound technology, an on/off mic switch, and the ability to toggle the ability to hear your own voice through the headset.
  • 60 mm/2.36” drivers for the most powerful bass available in the console gaming market.
  • Memory foam cushions for effective passive isolation, combined with electronic bass boost built into the controller, provides double electro-acoustic bass amplification.
  • Professional-grade fit and finish with memory foam cushions, noise-reducing foam microphone cover and a red, white & blue braided cable.

Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition

The Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition is the high-fidelity stereo version of the Y-350CPX model. The Y-300CPX ensures a perfect balance between bass, mids and treble thanks to very high-performance audio rendering, with an ideal frequency response curve for the soundscape in Far Cry 5. Using this headset, co-op teams will have all of their senses on high alert in the game’s particularly demanding environments:

  • Unidirectional, detachable and adjustable microphone, for perfect customization.
  • 50 mm/1.97” drivers.
  • Exclusive double electro-acoustic bass amplification technology.
  • Multifunctional controller to adjust the game’s audio levels, as well as the bass level.

* Subject to the Nintendo Switch™ chat function limitations / Splitter cable required: included with the Y-350CPX model, not included with the Y-300CPX model.

Guacamelee! 2 Announced For Steam

Announced late last year at PlayStation Experience, DrinkBox Studios announced today that Guacamelee! 2 will be coming to Steam - infact you can add the game to your Steam wishlist today!

Both versions of the game are said to be coming "soon", however to celebrate, DrinkBox put all their games on massive sales on Steam so check it out!

Throwback Thursday - Monumental Failure

Something I often hear from game developers is their troubles with marketing. How to get your game out there to as many players as possible? A usual follow up topic to that is, when the game gets released it has all sorts of hype/press surrounding it, but unless it really takes off, the hype dies down - how do you combat that?

Enter: Throwback Thursday - a weekly article on a game that came out from the local Toronto scene back in the day. Maybe you forgot about it, or maybe you never knew of its existence. That's what I want to do with these articles. Check out the first one below, and let me know on Twitter what you think!

First up! Monumental Failure from Scary Wizard Games. A game that just hit its 1 year anniversary recently, and is on a 35% sale on Steam.

"Monumental Failure is a historically (in)accurate physics-based monument construction simulator. The game empowers you to recreate some of the world's most impressive architectural feats using incredible, and hard-to-believe, construction techniques."

Although I haven't played it (I'll be fixing this soon) - the game has received mostly positive reviews on Steam:

"This game is extremely goofy and wonderful. I love being able to build no matter how shoddy the final result is. The coop is hilarious. A great party game. May or may not cure cancer."

"8/10 - Would drop my workers out of a plane, strapped to a 40-ton slab of stone with bungie cords, without a parachute, as a delivery system for Stonehenge again."

"I don't review games usually, but this game is just so much fun/frustration to play with someone couch co-op. I genuinely recommend this game. 
The game mechanics are different from level to level so you need to learn on the fly, it's really challenging but is really satisfying when you get it right!"

So head over to Steam, pick the game up in a sale, and follow the guys on Twitter. If you have a game that would make a good Throwback Thursday - let me know on Twitter!

Toronto Games Highlight Latest Nindies Sale

Nintendo is celebrating the new year with a sale, and a couple of Toronto games are involved.

You can also check out an AMA where all the developers involved answered questions from the fans - including Vertex Pop saying they were thinking of a sequel or DLC on GEM, but are instead moving onto something new.