Game Developer Jobs - Unity and C# Developers At All Leves

Our friends at SEED Interactive, who have worked on Skies of Fury, and Bee Odyssey are looking for Unity and C# developers of all levels - if interested check out the blurb below.

SEED Interactive is a creative digital studio producing mobile apps, VR/AR interactive experiences, educational software, and an occasional Nintendo Switch game. Which is to say we do interesting and fun stuff. We are currently looking for C# and Unity devs of all levels of experience - from juniors to team leads. We offer an exceptional workplace in downtown Toronto, honest and hardworking coworkers, corporate outings, beer Fridays, and competitive salaries. If you're creative, competent and ambitious, SEED might be just the right fit. To apply, please send a few sentences why we should hire you to and don't forget to attach:

  • your one-page resume

  • links to some of your past projects

  • your github repository

Numizmatic Releases Light Fingers On Switch

Light Fingers, the turn-based multiplayer board game is out on Switch, which you can pick up right here.

What do skulking thieves do after a night of procuring shady spoils? They gather at a favourite tavern and wager it away on a friendly game of Light Fingers!

Played on a magical clockworks game board, this turn-based multiplayer game has real-time action and devious opportunities for misdirection, all in the pursuit of securing more loot than your opponents.

I also streamed it on Twitch the other night, which you can check out here.

Super Animal Royale Enters Alpha - Gets A New Trailer

Pixile Studios over in Vancouver have released a trailer for their battle royale game Aniaml Royale. The game takes a cute but deadly spin on the battle royale formula, making it a top-down 64-player winner-takes-all where you’ll play as cute adorable animals. You can check out the trailer and screenshots below.

The game is in closed alpha right now , but if you head over to the official site you can join their Discord and sign up to get into the alpha, and eventual beta.

Fossil Hunters Coming To PlayStation 4 and Xbox One September 12th

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, and then confirmed to me on Twitter Reptoid Games' Fossil Hunters will be hitting PlayStation 4, and Xbox One September 12th (next week!). The game was already released on PC, and Switch earlier this year.

You are an adventuring Fossil Hunter who has traveled to a remote, mysterious dig site to discover the most incredible fossils the world has ever seen! Discover and assemble fossil creations as you avoid cave-ins, monsters, and traps.

Puzzle Game Bloxiq Out Now On Switch

Bloxiq was first released on Vita in 2015, and then got a VR treatment, and has now hit the Nintendo Switch in a stealth release. The puzzle game from Blot Interactive has players moving around pieces of a 3D cube: 

bloxiq takes the classic concept of color matching and turns it on its head. You’ll need all of your wits as you try to solve 100 levels that will completely change your perspective on puzzle games. Easy to learn, fun to play and sometimes mind-bendingly difficult, bloxiq’s innovative mechanics make it the perfect game for people who love puzzle games that challenge your brain rather than your luck.

You can pick it up on Switch right now for $9.99 CAD.

Pirate Themed VR Game - Furious Seas Out On Steam

Future Immersive is a recently created studio from Toronto, who starting in 2017, set themselves out to make AAA VR games. The developer got to work rather quickly because in July of this year their first game Furious Seas was launched into Early Access on Steam for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Take the helm of a deadly pirate ship and embark on a thrilling tale of revenge and destruction in VR. In Furious Seas, you will adventure out onto the high seas during a dangerous era, where ruthless pirates and fearsome enemy vessels await. Reach out and take control of your ship and your crew as you navigate through treacherous waters, bringing destruction upon any foes who dare cross your path. Reclaim what is yours and carve out your legend amidst the furious seas.

You can check out the game right here on Steam, with a trailer, and some screenshots below.

The Chaotic Workshop Out Now On Steam

It was out in beta earlier, but has now seen a full release - The Chaotic Workshop from Virtex Edge Design is out now on Steam (for both PC and Mac).

Welcome to The Chaotic Workshop, a cartoon puzzle sandbox game which challenges you to solve its puzzles by any means necessary. From rockets to pinball bouncers, tennis ball cannons to proximity mines, it is up to you of how to get the job done. With over 70 items, 50 levels and a full-fledged sandbox level editor, the game becomes whatever you’re imagination can make it. 

15 Minutes of Below Footage From PAX West

Capybara Games is at PAX West this weekend, and IGN grabbed some footage of the latest Below build. We don't have a release date, but I'm guessing (hoping) it's soon.

Recently Capybara announced that Sword & Sworcery will also be coming to Switch.