Pizza Titan Ultra Out Now On Nintendo Switch

According to Team Breakfall, their pizza-delivering game Pizza Titan Ultra is out now on Switch. Can check out the trailer below.

Futuregrind Announced For Nintendo Switch

Milkbag Games announced the other day that their futuristic stunt-racer Futuregrind is coming to Nintendo Switch, alongside the PlayStation 4, and PC.

Nail the perfect line in the future's most challenging stunt sport! Grab your bike and hit the rails in this stylish stunt-racer all about tricks, skill, and speed. Use your futuristic motorcycle to do crazy combos on tracks made of floating rails, but be careful: If you touch the wrong rail you'll explode! Only skilled players will earn endorsements from The Sponsors and make a name for themselves.

Milkbags website says we can expect the game in 2018.

Numizmatic Releases Light Fingers On Switch

Light Fingers, the turn-based multiplayer board game is out on Switch, which you can pick up right here.

What do skulking thieves do after a night of procuring shady spoils? They gather at a favourite tavern and wager it away on a friendly game of Light Fingers!

Played on a magical clockworks game board, this turn-based multiplayer game has real-time action and devious opportunities for misdirection, all in the pursuit of securing more loot than your opponents.

I also streamed it on Twitch the other night, which you can check out here.

15 Minutes of Below Footage From PAX West

Capybara Games is at PAX West this weekend, and IGN grabbed some footage of the latest Below build. We don't have a release date, but I'm guessing (hoping) it's soon.

Recently Capybara announced that Sword & Sworcery will also be coming to Switch.

Spoilercast - Guacamelee! 2

Spoilercast! We got a new show for where we'll play a game and just discuss it on end. It'll be sort of a review/spoilercast type of show.

First up is Guacamelee! 2 from DrinkBox Studios. This sequel to the 2013 indie hit dropped on PS4 and Steam last week so Bret, and I were joined by developer from the first game turned fan Jason Canam to discuss everything we liked (a lot of things) and disliked (not that many things) about DrinkBox's new game.

Remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunesGoogle Play, or SoundCloud. And Patron's at the $4+ level got this episode 2+ days early.

Kickstarter Plug: UNCAGED: World Fighters

Our friends over at ZeMind Games have taken to Kickstarter to help their card-based MMA fighting game - UNCAGED: World Fighters. If you're unfamiliar with the game, it's a card-game that looked to combine the creators love for fighting games and martial arts, and card games like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon.

UNCAGED: World Fighters is a 2 player card game designed to recreate the action and strategy of a Mixed Martial Arts competition. Break out of the cage and dominate your opponent by executing the perfect combination of punches, kicks, takedowns, and submissions. Punish predictable opponents with fight-changing counters and take them to the ground to become a world class fighter!

Make sure to check out the Kickstarter where $30 dollars gets you a couple of starter sets.

Numizmatic Games Releasing Light Fingers September 20th

Light Fingers was announced almost a year ago, and we now have a release date for the turn-based multiplayer game. Switch players will get their hands on Numizmatic's title on September 20th.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Coming To Nintendo Switch

Capybara Games will be releasing their 2011 iOS hit Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery for the Nintendo Switch - as announced as part of Nintendo's Nindies presentation.

One thing to note is the Twitter integration won't be part of the Switch version of the game:

We don't have a release date yet, but we'll report it as soon as we know. 

Pizza Titan Ultra Out Now On PlayStation 4

Drinkbox Studios isn't the only studio who released a game today - our friends at Breakfall over in Ottawa released Pizza Titan Ultra - you can pick up the pizza delivery robot game on PlayStation4 right here.

Pizza Titan Ultra is a fast paced 3rd-person action platformer focused on fighting and smashing through a futuristic city, in a giant mech, to deliver pizza. Experience arcadey action with speedy attacking and dodging, while attempting to control the massive weight of a 10 storey mobile pizzeria - just try not to make too much of a mess!