Happy Halloween! 3 Spooky Toronto Developed Games To Play

Happy Halloween! Do you need to spookify your Saturday? Check out these three Toronto developed games, guaranteed to give you chills*.

Feed Bat Boy from YahManGames

Feed Bat Boy is an infinite runner where you play as a bat feeding on flies. Similar to Flappy Bird, what is scarier than a bat flying into your hair? Nothing. I hate bats. Pick up the game for free on iOS or Android.

Phantom PI Mission Apparition from Rocket 5 Studios

Recently announced for Apple TV, Phantom Pi sets you up as a paranormal investigator investigating a spooky haunted mansion.  You can download the game on iOS.

They Bleed Pixels from Spooky Squid Games

To be fair, as mentioned to me on Twitter, most of Spooky Squid Games can count as spooky. It's in their name! But let's talk about They Bleed Pixels which is a platformer where you play as a girl who is haunted by a 'mysterious book and her violent Lovecraftian nightmares.'  You can get the game on Steam.