Cryptark Out Now On Steam Also Coming To PS4

As announced earlier in the week, Cryptark is out now on Steam Early Access.  Click here to check out their Steam page and buy the game, which has a 15% discount during launch week.

Also announced today was Alientrap will be bringing the game to PlayStation 4.  Jesse McGibney took to the PlayStation Blog to make the announcement as well as explain the game with a trailer (which I think is the same trailer as a few days ago):

Cryptark is a high-speed roguelike shooter that takes you into the lives of a band of space mercenaries. Your goal? Fulfill your freelancing contract by boarding and disarming the dangerous remnants of an ancient alien flotilla. Complete objectives to get paid, upgrade awesome weapons and gear, and finally gain access to the flagship known as the Cryptark to recover mysterious alien technology

As mentioned, Cryptark is out now on Steam Early Access, and will be available for PlayStation 4 next year.