Interesting Read: Capybara Games Chats To About Developing Games For 10 Years

I'm starting a new segment here on - introducing Interesting Read. A section where I share interesting articles about Toronto game developers as written by other journalists.

Enter in this article from  Cofounder and president of Capybara Games, Nathan Vella, chipped in about Capy's 10th birthday, and the early days of their studio:

"I think we started in the industry when PS3, 360 and Wii was starting to happen and we started out doing cellphone games before there were smartphones. We made games for flip phones that had like two colours. We were literally making videogames that had to fit in 64KB of memory. Now we're making games on virtually every platform that exists," he laughs."

It's a solid read, and an interesting tale about one of Toronto must successful studios. Check out the article here, and give Capybara a follow on Twitter.