Pocket Tactics Previews Forbidden Desert On iOS

The developers behind the iOS version of the board game Forbidden Island, Toronto based Button Mash Games, are working away at the next installment Forbidden Desert.  The gang over at Pocket Tactics previewed the game and is worth a read if you enjoy playing board games on your phone/tablet.

Forbidden Desert puts you in charge of a team of adventurers scouring the desert for pieces of a legendary flying machine. Pieces are not hidden on the board, but are uncovered as you find clues in the desert. Where two clues intersect, the flying machine detritus will be found. Of course, it’s not that easy. There’s a brutal sandstorm that threatens to bury everything even deeper under the desert sand. Like all good cooperative games, there are several ways to lose and only one way to win. Here, you can lose if any adventurer dies of thirst, if the sand gets too deep, or if the clues get swept away by the sandstorm itself. To win, you must find all the pieces of the flying machine and use it to fly to more temperate climes.

The game is expected to hit the App Store 'soon', and while online multiplayer won't be available at launch it will come as a free update.  You can buy Forbidden Island on iOS right now by clicking here, and can check out the full preview of Forbidden Desert here.