Creoterra Gives An Update On Empyrios - Now Named Darktide

Toronto developer Joe Woynillowicz have announced that their upcoming RPG Empyrios has gone through changes, most notably that it is now named Darktide.  In a blog post, Joe goes over the reason for the change:

Over the last few months we’ve taken in a lot of feedback, and one constant was that people had a hard time pronouncing Empyrios, and would always ask how it should be pronounced or spelled. On top of that a totally unrelated game titled Empyrion launched on Steam and we wanted to avoid any confusion in the future. So we hit the drawing board, spoke to a lot of fans and other studios, and finally came up with a name that we believe suits the game much better.

Joe also went into detail about the Guild colours shown above:

Customization is something that people have been really passionate about, whether it was guild colour or badges, and during our initial testing we received a ton of great user feedback. We’re finally ready to show off the final guild colours that will be available to be unlocked.  Keep in mind that colour is only one available customization, and we’ll always be looking to add more in the future. Each character in your guild has a full skill tree, and can also attune with a variety of auralite gems that are found by winning battles or purchased at the mage tower. Alongside these you can also customize your guild banner and emblem to show off what you’ve unlocked in battle.

Joe finished off the post with a tease on launching a Square Enix campaign early in the new year. We'll have more on that, and on Darktide as the new year goes on. Make sure to give Joe a follow on Twitter as well.