What Did TorontoGameDevs.com Patreon's Get In November?

As I've been doing the last few months, I'm going to do a personal plug here. You can check out the posts for September, and October as well.

For 3 dollars you can access to articles at least 24 hours earlier. For starters, I did a preview for Fortified from Clapfoot Games. I really enjoyed it, and you can check out the preview here.  I was also fortunate enough to interview Alex at PixelNAUTS, which you can read here.  There were also a couple of podcast episodes this month that Patreons got early.

On the games front, Patreon's were also well treated.  First up Phantom PI from Rocket 5 Studios was given to all Patreon's. You can buy the game on iOS here.  There was also Super Indie Karts from One Legged Seagull.  Finally, to round off the month, Button Mash Games provided our Patreons with iOS codes for Forbidden Island, which you can also pick up here.

Thanks to all the developers who provided codes, as well as to all of our Patreons! You can get early access, and free games by signing up here.