Kickstarter: Online MMORPG Fantasy Tales Online

The developers behind Fantasy Tales Online have officially launched their Kickstarter.  If you're not familiar with Fantasy Tales Online, it is a upcoming retro style RPG. I went ahead and grabbed this description from their Steam page.

"Fantasy Tales Online is retro sandbox fantasy role playing game. You’re an adventurer thrown into a dangerous world. To be successful you will have to form guilds, complete quests, collect gear, fight through randomly generated and hand crafted dungeons, and most importantly construct your own player cities. 

You will encounter thousands of magical and unique items, build your own homes and guilds using blocks obtained from questing, raiding and crafting, and take on strategic boss fights that go beyond the hack ‘n slash mechanic. Our goal is to take away the grind from hack and slash and let you enjoy the game before you reach level cap. You’ll encounter strategy, sandboxing, and housing right from the start."

Let's help them get funded. Make sure to check out their Kickstarter here, and follow them on Twitter here. Best of luck guys!