Article: "How Canadian indie hit Alto’s Adventure was inspired by Tiny Wings, Ico and Journey"

I've written about Alto's Adventure before, including about how much I enjoyed it. If you're not familiar with Snowman's snowboarding game, it's essentially an endless runner where you complete tasks such as grind for x amount of meters, or doing two backflips in one run.  The game has incredibly smooth animations and looks really great with its changing time of day.

The game was recently written about over at mobilesyrup, where creator Ryan Cash wrote about the games beginnings:

“The idea was to make an indie game in the first place. However, it came when Jordan became addicted to Tiny Wings, in the fall of 2012. After he got me into the game, we kept discussing the idea of doing something like it ourselves – or at least trying to. We were both really blown away by the emotion and magic that [Tiny Wings] conveyed. We’d never seen anything like it in a mobile game before,” said Cash."

Check out the article if you're interested how other games inspired Alto's Adventure. The game is out now on iPad and definitely worth a look at.