Bloxiq From Blot Interactive Out April 14th On PlayStation Vita

Toronto game developer Blot Interactive took to the PlayStation Blog to announce their puzzle game Bloxiq is coming to PlayStation Vita on April 14th.

"We wanted to create a whole new type of puzzle game that returned to the classic philosophy of easy to learn and difficult to master games like Intelligent Cube, Devil Dice, or Echochrome. Where there is a definite solution, instead of relying on luck to be able to progress.

Bloxiq starts with the standard concept of color matching and brings it into the third dimension. Manipulate rows or columns of blocks by sliding them around a 3D level to connect four in any direction. Sounds simple, right? One of the best feelings is when you figure out how to match blocks in intricate ways that challenge your spatial thinking."

Make sure you follow the developer on Twitter. Who's excited for the "Demon’s Souls of puzzle games"?