Toronto GameDev: 3DKupkake

It really does seem there are a lot of students creating their own games these days. I found out about lot of them at LevelUp back in April.  If I'm not mistake, games like Runbow, and Quench started off as student projects as well.

Next up in student games is 3D Voxom, from the independent developer 3DKupKake. Voxom looks like a really interesting twin stick shooter:

"Gameplay The game was inspired by popular franchises such as Geometry Wars and Tron. The play takes control of a ship and is attacked relentlessly by tiny viruses that sprout from the super virus that is virtually indestructible. The player will destroy the super virus many times, only to have it heal itself and continue its attack. Destroying the super virus increases the score multiplier but also causes the tiny viruses to speed up and become more difficult to attack. The goal is to try to get to the high score list, the highest of all time is at the center of the arena."

Make sure to give the developer a follow on Twitter, and keep your eye on Voxom.