Rocket 5 Studios Releases Wheels of Rage

Indie Developer Rocket 5 Studios announced today their newest game, Wheels of Rage, has been released on the Cartoon Network's website.  The game is based on The Amazing World of Gumball television show.

"In Wheels Of Rage, you take on the role of Gumball’s mom Nicole Watterson as she attempts to avert family disaster while racing around town to get the last minute items she needs for Gumball’s surprise birthday party. Money is tight, so if you want to get Gumball the perfect birthday gift you’ll need to start up a taxi service, win street races and deliver pizzas for tip money. All while making sure that Gumball doesn’t find out about the party and that Richard doesn’t burn the house down."

If you're located in USA then you can play the game here.  Once the game is available in Canada, I'll be sure to post about it again. Make sure to give lots of love to Rocket 5 on Twitter.