Sunday May 31st: Toronto GameDev Job Postings

Last week I posted about some local job postings in and around Toronto. I said I would do it every Sunday, and here we are!  If you're looking for GameDev jobs, make sure to check these out.

Torn Banner Studios - Senior Multiplayer Level Designer, Environment Artist, and Animator

You can click the link above to see the positions, but here's a little info on Torn Banner Studios. You'll also be able to check them out at Stage Select next weekend.

"At Torn Banner we understand that long, hard hours are not conducive to being a happy, healthy person. Combine this idea with a flat studio structure and profit sharing and you've got ideals that promote a positive, low stress environment to help us create awesome games. As a small team of developers, each individual has a huge impact on the final product that we put out, so we put emphasis on being open with each other, giving/receiving critical feedback, and not letting an false sense of authority cloud our vision. The more eyes and input that we have from different disciplines and personality types, the better our releases will be. Profit sharing, 4 weeks Paid vacation, A no crunching policy, Relocation assistance, Flexible schedule, Monthly learning credit, Weekly happy hour, Healthcare & benefits"

Sago Sago - Software Engineer

"Sago Sago is looking for a full-time software engineer to join our team. The software engineer will be responsible for writing and maintaining the common code that handles analytics, cross-promotion and other non-game elements. The engineer will also support the game development team by managing developer tools, the code repository and build automation system."

Digital Extremes - UI Programmer, Web Developer, Programmers, + More (in London Ontario):

There are a lot of opportunities at Digital Extremes, make sure to check out the site:

"Why choose Digital Extremes? Ingenuity, diligence, highly skilled, specifically trained. With stealth precision, this team of ninjas have infiltrated the F2P market. Can we control the natural elements, shape shift or walk on water? Hell no. But we can develop kick-ass videogames. We are masters of our own weaponry. What is your superhuman skill? Do you have what it takes to join this elite team? Bring it. Recruiting now."

If you're a Game Dev and want me to write about your game, or post your job openings you can reach out to me on Twitter, or email.