Sunday June 14th: Toronto Game Developer Job Postings

With E3 right around the corner, I almost forgot to write about some of the job opportunities I've come across this week.  Check them out below, and make sure to let me know on Twitter if you're hiring.

If you're a video game developer and looking for co-op's, make sure to check out this recent post about Sheridan College. The company names, and jobs are links to the gamedev sites.

Gameloft - Programmer, Level Designer, 3D Artist and more

"By working for Gameloft, you will have an unparalleled degree of autonomy in your work while keeping the support and advice of your team always within reach. Our work methods are constantly evolving to ensure a setting that encourages experimentation, thinking outside of the box, and learning while doing."

Ubisoft Toronto - UI Programer, Level Artist, Game Director and more

Ubisoft is the biggest studio in Toronto, so they are always kind of hiring. There are a lot of different positions, and it's worth always checking their site every now and then.

Mark Media - Senior Game Design, Game Producer, 3D Generalist, and more

"Mark Media is an exciting new film, television and digital media production company based in Toronto that combines culture and technology to create media properties that entertain, inspire and educate across platforms. With expertise in kids, factual, feature film and digital gaming, Mark produces culturally rich and engaging cross‐media content for global audiences of all ages"

That's it for this week! If you're hiring for some talent be sure to let me know. Enjoy E3!