Toronto Media Arts Center: Game Developers At Bento Miso

As you (hopefully) know, the Toronto Media Arts Center is going through some issues with their new space. I thought I would take a moment and link to the different game developers that use Bento Miso (one of the members of TMAC, and would of used the new space).  The names are links to their Twitter page. Helping TMAC means you're helping Toronto's indie game developer scene, and specifically these developers.

Alicia Contestabile



Arielle Grimes

Astroid Base

Benjamin Rivers

Cale Bradbury

Christine Love

Dames Making Games

Gabby DaRienzo

Golden Gear Games

Kara Stone

Loud On Planet X

Merritt Kopas

MK-Ultra Games

Nadine Lessio


Rocket 5 Studios

Rokashi Edwards

Ryan Miller

Tanya K

Yifat Shaik

Big shout out to Jennie Faber for the list! Make sure to write a letter to your city councillor as well!