Countdown to Stage Select: Nefarious Dimensions

Fairly new developer Nefarious Dimensions will be at Stage Select this weekend.  The developer, who has roots in working with EA, Sony, and Crytek will be showing off their game Planetary Prospectors: ARM (Astroid Resource Mining):

"The gold rush in space has begun! Corporations and many independent prospectors have entered the race to collect the most minerals and become the wealthiest miners in the galaxy. You have been given the opportunity to mine asteroids within an infinite procedurally generated universe that contains meteor showers, space stations, mining refineries and much more to be discovered. Purchase and upgrade a wide variety of spaceships and equipment. Use the right tools at the right time on many different kinds of surfaces to more effectively recover gems and minerals. Plan, strategize and prioritize which asteroids to mine and manage limited fuel and cargo space. Get too greedy and you can get stuck in deep space with no fuel! But manage your resources wisely and you could be rolling in spacebucks…"

You can help fund the game by contributing to them via PayPal (with an IndieGoGo campaign to start soon), and follow them on Twitter.