Canadian Video Game Awards Interviews Lummox Labs About Noodles

The Canadian Video Game Awards recently sat down with Michael Busheikin from Lummox Labs to discuss his puzzle game Noodles: 

Q: Were there any games that inspired you to create Noodles? Why did you opt for a title that fits into the puzzle genre?

Michael Busheikin: My brain always gravitates towards puzzles. I have a gigantic list of action-packed Steam titles and I end up spending hours on games where I cut triangles into smaller triangles, or do programming disguised as painting, or something. But I didn’t pick Noodles just for the genre – it happened to be the idea that wouldn’t dislodge from my mind.

Q: What are you future plans for Noodles?

Michael Busheikin: If there’s interest, I have a few ideas for additions to the puzzle types. There are little things that can change the way your brain has to work. For example, you could have combinations of piece types in one game (octagons and diamonds together would work!). Or have pieces connect off one edge of the puzzle and onto the opposite edge.

You can check out the full interview here.  Make sure to also follow Lummox Labs on Twitter. Noodles can be purchased on the iOS store right now for $1.99.