Fate Tectonics Out Now On Steam

It's a busy day for Toronto game studios as Golden Gear Games released Fate Tectonics on Steam.

Easy to pick up and play casually, but also offers deep challenge for more strategic players. Handcrafted in-game pixel art, a soundtrack of symphony & steam by composer Robby Duguay, and Twitter-shareable worlds! The powerful Book of Fate keeps track of your progress and chronicles your adventures! Two game modes—test your world-building skills in timed cycles of creation and destruction under Ragnarosa and Fortuna's vigilant watch, or take your time and build up a world as large as you can at your own pace, under the calming influence of Serenity. Accessibility options cater to gamers with motor skill, cognitive and vision impairments.

You can pick up Fate Tectonics on Steam right now which has a 15% launch discount.  Make sure to follow the developer on Twitter, and leave a comment letting us know what you think of the game.