Thrive Games Relaunches Kickstarter For Dragon of Legends

A few weeks ago we wrote about Dragon of Legends launching on Kickstarter. The game got to about 20% funded before Thrive Games pulled the plug.

"During our last campaign an investment firm has stepped forward and presented an offer which would cover up to 80% of development expenses for this project, provided we can account for the other 20% in cash. As indicated in our last Kickstarter $60k would be enough money to create a functional version of the game - but now with this new offer if we can raise 20% of that goal ($12k) during this campaign, this investor has agreed to cover the remaining expenses required to make the project a reality"

The new Kickstarter was launched and as of this morning has already passed the $12,000 dollar mark, making Dragon of Legends funded.  We're now onto Stretch Goals for Dragon of Legends.  At $16,000 the game will have a bonus playable class, and at $20,000 it will have an expanded bestiary and new PVE arenas. You can check out the new Kickstarter here.