A Short Hike Glides onto Steam & itch.io 🐦

A Short Hike is now available on Steam and itch.io for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Created by Toronto-based developer Adam Robinson-Yu (@adamgryu), A Short Hike is described on its site as “a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain.”

Players step into the hiking boots of Claire, a little birdie grappling with some self-doubt while on vacation at Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Glide around the island, hunt for treasures, talk to the other dwellers and hike your way to the peak!

A Short Hike also features an original soundtrack from Toronto-based musician Mark Sparling (@Markymark665), who also created the soundtracks for indie games Vile, XOB and most recently composed music for Shantae 5’s kickass opening cutscene!