Announcement: Double Patreon Funds For October Going Directly To Extra Life

I mentioned over Twitter the other night about this, but I thought I would post about it here as well. As I've mentioned, I'll be taking part in Extra Life again for the third year in a row - hoping to raise funds for Sick Kids here in Toronto while playing Toronto developed games.

This year I'll be doing something else as well. I have a Patreon set up to help fund the website. If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it's similar to Kickstarter - basically funding projects you love while getting rewards. This year, whatever Patreon amount I have for October, I will double it and make that my contribution to Extra Life.

Currently the TorontoGameDevs Patreon is at $49 dollars (USD, so I'll adjust to CAD for the donation). If I don't get any new Patreon's, my Extra Life contribution will be $98 dollars (USD, again I'll adjust, and probably round up). If Patreon is $125, then my contribution will be $250, etc.  I'll go to a max of $1000 dollars (so $500 dollars in Patreon funds).

You can cancel Patreon anytime, so in November you're welcome to cancel it, no big deal. You can also donate directly to the Extra Life campaign if that's your cup of tea.

So become a Patreon today! And we'll see you November 5th.