LevelUP TO Preview - Auroras - The Co-op Puzzle Game You Need

I was joined via Skype with a wonderful and talented group of students from University of Toronto.  They are working on Auroras, a puzzle game that they will be showcasing at LevelUP this year.  The music in the teaser video is really creepy, which really adds to the setting of the game.  Definitely excited to try this one.

The group consists of: Daniil Kouznetsov, Leoro Rogovein, Christine Murad, and Jasmin Lantos from U of T.  Also part of the group but not in the Skype interview are Linden Li (OCAD student) and Emily Han (U of T student)

Here's our interview with the group, followed by the teaser.  I did have some technical issues in the first minute but I promise after that, it's smooth.  Enjoy!