Billions of Cats Meow's Onto Android

Good friend of the site, Hard Circle, have released their free to play mobile game Billions of Cats on the Google Playstore.  You can download it right here, while checking out some of the features below.

This game is the cat's meow! Collect billions of cats and fill your screen with happiness in this purr-fect app! It's as easy as booting the game and waiting for the cats to have a purr-ty in your phone.
  • More than a dozen cats to purr-gressively collect!
  • Cause cat-lateral damage with all kinds of toys and other unlockables for your cats to play with!
  • Tons of meow-velous surprises!

You can download the game for free right here, while an iOS version of the game is coming soon. You can also follow them on Twitter, and listen to Bret on our podcast.