Bit Bazaar Summer 2017 Lineup Announced

We now have the final line up for the next Bit Bazaar and it has a great list of games, and comics for display. You can check out the full game list below, and everything else here. This years Bit Bazaar will be August 25th-27th, and free part of your CNE admission.

·                #BREAKFORCIST Pete Ellison x Lucid Sheep Games

·                A NEAR DAWN Far-off Daydream Games

·                ARC SYMPHONY Aether Interactive

·                BIOSCAPE Prenz Inc

·                BIT RAT bucket drum games

·                BLOCK DROPPIN' Rocketship Park

·                BRAVERY NETWORK The Gloam Collective

·                BRUISIN CRUISERS Neon Deity Games

·                CODENAME UNHOLY MONSTER KIDS altopunk

·                CUCUMBEAR Cub Cave Collective

·                DEBRIS Moonray Studios Inc.

·                DISCO IS DEAD! Third Floor Games

·                DON'T WAKE THE NIGHT Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda

·                FIST'S ELIMINATION TOWER Impostor Cat Games

·                FOSSIL HUNTERS Reptoid Games

·                HALEN: BALLAD OF THE BLADE THIEF SkyPyre Studios

·                HOVERSHIP HAVOC Snow Day Software

·                KEEPING HOUSE & DOG GONE GOLFING Vagabond Dog

·                LONGSTORY GAME Bloom Digital Media

·                LOVERS IN A DANGEROUS SPACETIME Asteroid Base

·                LUXURYELITE.EXE Lux1337 Dev Team

·                MEGAWARRIORS OF THE GHOST APOCALYPSE Rosalind Chapman


·                MORRO & JASP: UNSCRIPTED U.N.I.T. Productions

·                ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE 80'S Yoshi Creative Group

·                POWER PLANT Thousand Stars Studio

·                PROJECT ZEUS Alientrap

·                QUENCH Axon Interactive

·                RIVAL BOOKS OF ASTER Stitch Media

·                ROM'S TRUFFLE TRAIL Sodasoft

·                SHIFT Mega Power Games

·                SHNIPERS Brenden Cameron

·                SKY ROGUE Fractal Phase

·                SOLACE STATE Vivid Foundry

·                SUPER GRUMZ Picnic Game Labs

·                THE DUNGEON CREW Clockwork Kraken

·                TRIBES OF TELDAR Boat Rocker Media Inc.

·                WAY OF THE PASSIVE FIST Household Games Inc.