Capybara Games Says Below Is Coming This Year

According to a recent interview with engadget Below, the much-delayed adventure game from Capybara Games, is expected to release this year.

"I still can't say the exact date, but we are aiming for this year -- although we've said that over and over, so," [Kris] Piotrowski says. "We have all the systems in place and now we're kind of going deeper and deeper through the world, and polishing and trying to just get it all packaged up."

Below was originally announced during E3 2013, but the extra time has helped Capybara put some polish on the game. Below will run at 4K and 60fps on Xbox One X and they are finalizing the beginning and ending of the game:

"Piotrowski says the development team is putting the final touches on Below -- polishing its intro and outro sections and fine-tuning details across the entire game. Though Capy has a track record of promising a launch and later backing off, this time around it feels different to Piotrowski. After five years of public development, he says Capy is truly, finally, almost done with Below."

Below is planned for Xbox One, and PC and we'll have more on the game as we get it, but remember to check out OK K.O! Let's Play Heroes which came out earlier this year from Capybara Games.