Card Game Star Pirates Infinity From Snakehead Games Out Now

Star Pirates Infinity, the collectible card game from Hamilton based Snakehead Games. The game is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. The game contains 4 factions, PVP including Guilds, and 44 story missions. You can check out the trailer below:

20-Hundred Terracades into the future, fragments of mankind settled in the distant star cluster of Terzan-7. When the rogue star, Krishna XI-32, unexpectedly went hypernova, the resulting Gamma radiation blast obliterated life on all planetary colonies in the cluster.

With the Nega-Gate destroyed in the initial blast, only those in super luminous ships were able to escape the star's fury. Limited by their meager interstellar range, the survivors of Terzan-7 were unable to return to their home galaxy.

With the radiation dissipating after the Hypernova over the course 100 earth years, the survivors began their pilgrimage into the hell-bathed systems. Inheriting the shattered remnants of a thousand worlds irradiated in a stellar inferno, four factions have arisen to rebuild the desolate systems in their own image....