Martin Brouard, formerly of Frima Studios reached out to me over email today and let me know that the CEIM, and Martin are organizing some events for Canadian Indie developers, starting with a trip to Seattle. I've copied the full details below:

It's a week in Seattle (October 9th to 15th), because Steam Dev Days is on October 12th and 13th.
I've also booked a full afternoon at the Nintendo Headquarters on October 10th, and the ID@Xbox Team at the Microsoft Headquarters on October 11th.
October 12 and 13 is Steam Dev Days
Friday October 14th ID@Xbox is holding out a mini dev summit for those who are part of their program and I've booked the whole morning with the Amazon Dev relations team for those who are interested.
Each dev will be able to spend some time showing their new stuff or talk business and network with all these first party people plus we'll be a big bunch of cool devs so we can make new friends :-).
The way it works is that there is a registration cost of 450$ (Only if you are selected of course).
You pay your transportation to and from Seattle and CEIM will reimburse 50% of the cost (up to 325$).
You pay your hotel and food and CEIM will reimburse 200$ per day (so 1200$).
You pay your Steam Dev Days pass and CEIM will reimburse 50% (so +-60$).
This is limited to one person per company.

I've attached the forms that Martin sent to me, but if you're interested make sure to contact Pierre Moisan at pmoisan@ceim.org.

File 1

File 2