Detective VR Now Available on

Detective VR by Sixty Forty Games, another award-winning game at LevelUP TO 2017, has just been released on  Detective VR won second place in Technical Innovation and third place Best Overall design.  Check out a gameplay demo for Detective VR below.

In this 80s themed, murder-mystery game on the HTC Vive, you can explore the crime scene, pick up objects and interact with them as well as interact with NPCs. Once you’ve collected all the evidence, you can move onto the interrogation phase and interrogate the suspect by piecing together the evidence that you found to contradict what the suspect is saying!

Put your detective skills to the test by keeping your eyes peeled for the tiniest piece of evidence. You’ll also need to pay attention to what the suspect is saying. With your journal, you can keep track of all the evidence you found and can look back on it when interrogating the suspect.