Embers of Mirrim From Creative Bytes Studios Out Later This Month

Announced earlier this year, Creative Bytes Studios' Embers of Mirrim will be coming out to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam May 23rd.

As you can see from the gameplay above, Embers of Mirrim is an adventure platformer, where you play as a mystical creature able to split. You can check out the PlayStation blog, where Design Director Frank Knezic went over a little bit about developing the "splitting" mechanic in the game:

Embers of Mirrim began as a simple idea. What if a player had the ability to switch back and forth between classic platforming and twin stick controls? We called this core mechanic “splitting:” you start as a traditional platforming character and then ‘split’ into two other characters, each independently controlled with the left and right analog sticks. We ran with this idea and developed it into a simple prototype room (think grey boxes and spheres) to answer some fundamental questions about “splitting:” How does the player decide when to split? What buttons do they use? How and where do the split characters re-combine? How do the split characters move? Is this actually fun?!

We'll have to wait next week to find out how deep the spliting feature goes, but we'll be sure to play it on our Youtube page.