Futuristic Racer Grip Announced For Consoles

Happy GDC! Caged Element has announced their futuristic racer Grip will be making the jump from Steam (which has been out since the summer) to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch. They've patterned with Wired Productions to work on the port.

Grip's Game Director Chris Mallinson took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about Caged Element, and even threw in a bit about what sounds like free post-launch DLC:

Caged Element was formed and we started work on Grip – a combat racer for the new generation. We’ve had a wealth of talent join us over the years – all of them being fans of our inspiration, and most of them having previous racing game experience. The latter comes in handy for sure, but when the cars in your game can drive on any surface and on either side, the challenge of creating interesting and balanced tracks is amplified. Thankfully, we’re confident that when the game launches, players will appreciate the wealth of track designs we’ve come up with. And there’s more to come after launch – all of them being free.

We don't have a release date yet, but if you have no patience you can check the game out on Steam Early Access.