Interview with 5 Horsemen Games - LevelUP TO Preview

I did an interview via Skype with 5 Horsemen Games, a group of Sheridan College students.  Their game Unspokin is a story about a young woman who cannot speak, and a blind bear, who work together to replenish their environment.

5 Horsemen Games includes:

Katherine Elliott: Art Director, QA Lead

Eirik Murbraech: Level Artist 

Danielle Rainey: Producer, Project Manager, 3D Artist 

Filipe Seabra: UIDdesigner, Programmer

PJ Tremblay: Audio Artist, Narrative lead

Here is our interview.  Enjoy!

5 Horsemen Games will be at LevelUP TO and Digifest 2017.  Check them out on Twitter @5horsemengames, and you can email them at