Make the Museum of your Dreams in Mondo Museum, Coming Next Year

Mondo Museum, a new management sim game, was announced today from Montréal-based indie developer Viewport Games (@ViewportGames) with help from Montréal-based publisher Kitfox Games (@KitfoxGames).

The game is described on its official site as “a management sim that challenges you to construct, administer, and curate your own museum. Choose what items to showcase, draw in the crowds, and grow your collection of cultural, artistic, historical, and scientific displays to expand from a humble exhibit hall into a world-class institution! This isn’t your average museum. This is Mondo Museum.”

Mondo Museum currently has a release date of 2020 and you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

This appears to be Viewport Games first release, although the company’s Twitter was created in 2011 so I doubt they’ve been working on this one game for 8 years.

Kitfox Games is a the critically acclaimed developer of indie games like Moon Hunters and Lucifer Within Us and is currently working on the runaway Kickstarter success Boyfriend Dungeon, but they’ve also begun publishing indies like the recently released Dwarf Fortress.