Metanet Software Would "Love To Bring [N++] To Switch"

Found this while browsing Reddit, but a fan asked Metanet Software on their FaceBook page the chances on a N++ Switch port. It sounds like they want to do it, but would just need help from Nintendo with porting, and cost.

"Just to clarify, we said we would LOVE to bring it to the Switch -- we still need to get Nintendo on board and find a team to help port it, and find the money to help pay for that :)

We think N++ would be so awesome on the Switch, so we're really hoping this works out! The more support we get from fans and players, saying they want N++ on the Switch, the better -- hopefully Nintendo will see understand how many people want this to happen and we'll be able to get the ball rolling."

Start tweeting at Nintendo, or emailing their support if you want to see N++ on Switch.