Party Minigame 'Use Your Words' Coming Next Month

We found out about party game Use Your Words late last year, and now we won't have to wait much longer to play the game on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. (Wii U users will have to wait a little bit longer it seems).  According to a tweet, players will be able to be funny again April 4th.

Use Your Words is a party multiplayer game which has players using their smart-phones in different minigames (listed below). Check out the trailer below, and see you April 4th!

  • Sub The Title: Watch a short clip from a foreign film, then write your own subtitle! Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will love making the actors onscreen say whatever they want in a variety of monster movies, martial arts movies, and some just plain weird films from the past.
  • Blank-o-Matic: Fill in the blank to complete the sentence! Instead of waiting to have the funniest card in your hand, write an answer that matches your sense of humor! We've hired some of the funniest writers around to set up the jokes perfectly so that even Grandpa can crack off a zinger or two.
  • EXTRA, EXTRA!: Write a hilarious caption or clickbait headline for a ridiculous photo, in a take on the classic "caption this" game!
  • Survey Says: Go with your gut in this rapid-fire game show style "lightning round"!