Rima: The Story Begins

"Rima: The Story Begins" is a modern 2D platform game developed by UP Entertainment Ltd.  It consists of many supernatural characters including: Rima, a small mutant blue-green algae; Razgon, a giant dragon and the main antagonist; and Ilathen, the Goddess of Ila.  Rima is tasked with restoring major elements to bring life back to the land as the land has been seized by Shadow.  Check out some screenshots below.

In this humor-filled adventure game, the player controls Rima, a small mutant blue-green algae in cyan who is on a mission to save his homeland seized by Shadow. Rima has the ability to run and jump but needs to learn a lot more as he interacts with his environment. The player helps Rima to collect new abilities, Life Plants and upgrades as he jumps from different platforms and solves various puzzles.

“Rima: The Story Begins" will be available on the App Store and Google Play this summer, with a planned Steam, PlayStation, and Windows Store release in the Winter.  If you want to keep up to date, you can follow them on Instagram @u.p.entertainment