Road to EGLX: 2018 - Uncaged World Fighters

Leading up to EGLX this year we’ll take a quick look at all the developers at the show. You can get tickets to EGLX here, and remember that Patron’s save 10%.

First up on our Road to EGLX is not a video game, but a card game combining mix martial arts and games like Yi-Gi-Oh. ZeMind Games will be at the show with Uncaged: World Fighters where you can pick up the game of which you can check out a how-to video below.

UNCAGED: World Fighters is a 2 player card game designed to simulate the action of a mixed martial arts fight! Players can select fighters from a diverse, international roster of martial artists, each representing different fighting styles. They can also strategize the downfall of their opponents by designing their own decks. By taking moves from different martial art techniques, players can punch, kick, and choke their way to victory and become a champion!