Shiny Talisman Releases Future Past Bundle On iOS

Toronto developer Shiny Talisman let me know they've released a bundle on the iOS store. The Future Past Bundle includes the games Warp Looter, Caveman Cliff, and Gravtav: Gravity Traveler.

Future Past, it's all about time.  Shiny Talisman is starting out the new year with all of its great games together in one bundle, for one low price. 
A mellow physics based gravity puzzle game; an intense, futuristic, space maze; and a prehistoric caveman with biceps as big as his head.  Whether jumping forward in time, or way, way back, whatever your mood, this bundle has something for you.  Play them all on your own journey through time.

Caveman Cliff and Warp Looter each offer some deep gaming where you'll upgrade your caveman or ship by collecting items.  Warp Looter presents an endless distance game experience as you narrowly escape increasingly difficult galaxies, while Caveman Cliff provides level based game play where you'll battle against the pterodactyls as you race against the clock.  Upgrading your player and your skills is key to both games as they offer increasingly intense moments that you're sure to need some help with.

Down for a more chill experience?  Gravtrav: Gravity Traveller fills that void as you travel from wormhole to wormhole in this mellow physics game.  Take advantage of the gravity created by the stars and the planets to achieve the highest scores.  Figure out how to use gravity to slingshot yourself back on course after travelling out to gather fuel.  Fill those empty minutes in your day with relaxed physics puzzling.  This bundle is all about time.

If you'd like to pick up the bundle, you can do so right here for 99 cents.. Make sure to also follow Shiny Talisman on Twitter.