Way of the Passive Fist Coming To Nintendo Switch

Toronto developer Household Games is joining the Switch-port crew and releasing their 90’s brawler inspired Way of the Passive Fist to Nintendo Switch on April 11th. It looks like the game is listed at $18.99 CAD on the Nintendo eshop.

If you can’t wait until April 11th, you can pick up the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC where it launched this time last year. Check out the trailer and press release below.

Reverse Brawler Way Of The Passive Fist Comes to Nintendo Switch on April 11

Toronto, ON. March 28, 2019. Indie devs Household Games announced today that the genre-bending defensive brawler Way of the Passive Fist is coming to Nintendo Switch. At a glance the game is full of 90's beat-em-up aesthetics with sprites that dwarf Battletoads or Final Fight, but a closer look reveals the game's clever twist: the player parries, dodges, and reverses attacks to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where exhaustion equals death.

Instead of punching and kicking through hordes of nameless thugs, watch for openings, time your parries, and shoot for that high score. The game's addictive stage-by-stage gameplay is perfect for the pickup and play nature of the console, and brings all its pixel art glory in handheld or docked mode. The bombastic, pulse-pounding soundtrack is the icing on the sand-and-sweat covered cake, and if the feeling of knocking back waves of enemies on top of a speeding train to a wailing electric guitar doesn't scream "arcade experience," we don't know what does.

With a fully customizable difficulty setting (no easy, medium, or hard here!), and a refreshing take on classic beat-em-up gameplay, Way of the Passive Fist is a brand new experience for action-loving Nintendo Switch players. 


- Customizable difficulty setting lets players decide how many enemies appear at a time, how hard they hit, how forgiving the combo counter is, and even how many checkpoints there are.

- Contains all the content from Way of The Passive Fist's NEW DAWN Edition, including a brand new training mode to let you practice and perfect your parries.

- Procedural roguelite survival mode "Passiverse" challenges the most calm masters to stay alive amidst an unpredictable set of challenges.

- Hours of content with Story, New Dawn Epilogue, and Passiverse, plus new difficulty settings that dictate new ways to play. Try for a playthrough of super-difficult enemies or minimal checkpoints.

About Household Games Inc.

Founded in 2016 by Jason Canam and based in Toronto, Canada, Household Games is an independent studio focused on creating high-quality and stylized original IP content for consoles and PC. The small team made up of DrinkBox Studios, Queasy Games, and Silicon Knights alumni are combining forces, and their passions, to develop video games that are fun and accessible for all ages and ability levels. Household Games launched their debut title, Way of the Passive Fist, in early March 2018.